After twenty-two years living and working at Brockwood Park and Inwoods Small School, my partner and I are going through a period of discovery, uncertainty, and transition – a mid-life renaissance. At the core, I am fascinated by the question of how one discovers the point at which natural talent meets personal passion – what Ken Robinson called our element.

At times, I feel very ambitious and would love to be a ‘Leonardo da Gandhi.’ At other times, I prefer to soak the present moment humbly – like a Hobbit, surrounded by family and friends in my immediate community. Perhaps, in the past, I have spread myself too thin with my passing passions: architecture, photography, ecology, education, sustainability, mindfulness, well-being, yoga, breath-work and now sleep (to mention just a few). Perhaps, I am too curious and ask too many questions? In short, I have worn many hats but have not yet found my voice.

Of cheerful nature, I feel incredibly grateful for the rich experiences and insights that life has brought to my consciousness. Nevertheless, I am also troubled and concerned by the state of the world – by the human suffering and by the growing ecological crisis. Rather than being a cog in that destructive machine we call civilisation, I have mostly preferred to remain a compassionate observer and commentator. On one hand, I have a desire to simplify, to do less and, to focus on what matters most and on the other I have a strong urge to answer the call to adventure and activism.

I have taken the challenge to start this blog to document my transitional journey and to encourage others to join the quiet revolution to express and apply our personal and collective wisdom to make the world a better place. Social and environmental change come hand-in-hand with personal change. We cannot only change the outside world; we need to internalise the change and act from a place of integrity and compassion. Let our life be our message, and every breath we take is an opportunity to make a difference.

My wish is for more and more people to treasure life, follow their bliss and breathe the change.



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