A Vow? Wow!


Committing to make a change at a deep level is one of the surest way to find the motivation when the going gets tough. The suggestion today is to find the strength to make a vow. It suddenly changes the perspective, what might have felt like a game, becomes solemn and a bit scary. Remember, awe can become awesome.

This is only the second time that I make a vow in my life. I was brought up to question all beliefs and to value spiritual freedom, so I feel uneasy with the concept of vow. Perhaps what makes them scary is that they are normally associated with religion, authority and with “until death do us part”. Vows seem very powerful but can produce a lot of torment if they are broken. I wonder is it possible to make a temporal vow? To simply commit to making a change for a fixed period and to do it for the love of it.

So I am making a public vow. My vow or wow is: writing (or rewriting) daily for the next forty two days.

It is not a resolution, it is a vow – it has boldness and feels thrilling.

Does anyone want to be a witness?