Dare to Danube

Jill: handmade wooden beauty from Brockwood Park School

A dream is unfolding. Finn and Tereza’s to be precise.
At seventeen, they have embarked on a journey of a lifetime – rowing and sailing across Europe on a wooden boat from River Rhine to the Black Sea up River Main and down River Danube. That’s more than three thousand kilometres of waterways across eight countries.

The project was born at Brockwood Park School in England – in the woodwork barn just across the garden where I live. Since last summer, we have been blessed with the enthusiasm of an Australian boatbuilder, Andrew Turner, who has been keen to share his passion for woodwork with the students and embarked on the construction of a 16ft, wooden, double-ended, clinker sailboat. Both Finn and Tereza got very involved in the construction of the boat and tools in hand, came up with the idea of rowing and sailing it to Tereza’s home in Russia, with the smallest environmental footprint possible.

The boat under construction

After months of planning and having to complete the finishing touches without Andrew, the pair managed to set off on their journey at the end of July. I was fortunate enough to share the beginning of their adventure and even spend ten days on the boat helping them progress along the Main towards the Danube.

As well as promoting slow sustainable travel, they are fundraising for the school to build a timber-framed ‘makers-space’ barn so future generation of students can build their dreams and attempt to make the world a better and more sustainable place. I invite you to follow their adventure on their blog: www.ToTheBlackSea.com and support their cause by spreading the word, and if you can, by donating a small contribution.

To the Black Sea…

They have dared to embark on this adventure and I wish them good luck on their long journey up the River Main and down the River Danube… to the Black Sea.


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  1. What a lovely piece of writing that tells the world about a wonderful adventure. Thanks Loic.

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