First Breath


That’s it, I am live. I am online and feel like the Little Prince when he landed on Earth. On one hand, Planet Web seems so vast and so empty and on the other, it seems relentlessly busy. It is difficult not to be affected by the stream of traffic. News, social feeds, campaigns, videos oozing out of tubes, information, mis-information, advertisements ticking back and forth, and click here buttons everywhere – with little clarity as to what we are looking for. Is it possible to stop and to stare out of the train window like a carefree child?

Welcome to you, the reader leafing through these lines. This is the first blog post of project Breangelo – the intention of which is to inspire and to explore the changes we want to see in the world and in our own lives – one breath at a time. Most importantly, it is about the challenge of acting upon that change. Your life is perhaps your most powerful message, so I invite you on this transition journey not only to be the change, but to breathe it.

So let’s start with the breath. As babies we most probably breathed well, but somehow as we grew up we may have be thrown out of kilter and adopted poor habits. Breathing is mostly unconscious, yet when one pays attention to the breath it can bring us back to the present and to a child-like alert quality. Most of us have forgotten to breathe properly. I would like to invite you on a brief learning journey towards skilful breathing once again. It may surprise you how powerful it is.

Tomorrow, I will show you a simple little exercise that could become the first step to a more aware and vital you on this transition journey.