Life is impossible without change because life is change. Therefore, to meet life we need to embrace change. By planning and seeing the value and beauty of impermanence, we can significantly improve our ability to adapt.

Planning can be used as an adaptation tool. Things rarely go to plan and therefore we are called to readjust our course constantly. Good planning, in my view, is a balance between pragmatism and imagination: a dance between plan and play. But above all, our planning must include flexibility. Once the intention has been formulated, it can be let free to meet the real world where it may grow, flow or flounder.

The practice of developing a forward-thinking and adaptive mindset is one of our greatest potentials. I call this practice ZenPlan. We can learn to love the ever-changing nature of things as an opportunity to understand the world around us.

Everything comes and goes; everything is transient. This morphing reality is what makes life precious. Acceptance and readjustment can become a vehicle for awareness in action. The mind needs to be light and detatched if it is to be at peace with impermanence.


One sentence journal – day 7:
“I am so grateful that things are falling into place nicely; knowing that everything is impermanent, this could change, and so be it – for real contentment is unconditional!”

This blog is part of a renewed 42-day writing challenge inspired by Leo Babauta’s Zen Habits Book.
Photo: Demi Kwant

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