When laziness comes my way, I choose to remain mindful. I may invite the unwelcome guest to join me without totally interrupting my activity. When it is by my side, it is not the same; I have to make a few concessions. It might mean that I do less, simplify the task or, just go slower.

Laziness is a form of resistance. Rather than battle with it or give in, I find it valuable to walk with it. It feels uncomfortable at first, but soon the feeling of tiredness or tediousness dissipates or becomes secondary – rather like walking in a unicursal labyrinth.

If laziness perseveres and I find myself still with it halfway through the task, I stop what I am doing and consciously make a choice to either give all my attention to the laziness or to continue with the activity with the intention to do it with fresh energy.

Laziness, I believe, is a feeling – not a trait of character. Of course, I could make a habit of laziness. But it is energy sapping and why would I? The trick perhaps is to remain alive and creative with it and lead it out the labyrinth of our lives.


One sentence journal – day 10:
“Peace of mind passport – never leave without it – more important than my phone! ”

This blog is part of a renewed 42-day writing challenge inspired by Leo Babauta’s Zen Habits Book.
Photo: Yoel Ridgway