Ridiculously Easy


The issues we are considering here are very complex: change, transition, self-knowledge, and transformation. However, if we put it like this, it becomes rather daunting. So, we are going to take the ridiculously easy route. Is it possible, I wonder, to simplify without losing the depth? For the next six weeks, we will be exploring the learning that comes from the challenges of gradual change.

If you are following this blog, I would strongly recommend that you choose a meaningful change that you want to make. To start with it would be better if it was not something too ambitious or that you want to quit. Rather, choose something positive you would like to introduce into your life. Regardless of what you take on, the approach that we are going take comprises of taking tiny steps.

Take a few minutes right now to think about the change you chose and make it ridiculously easy. What is the smallest step you can take to get started? If you want to lower your sugar intake – just reduce the sugar you put in your first drink by just a few grains. It should be so easy that you feel like you’re making it too easy on yourself. Write down the easy step; it will be your practice for the first week.

My challenge is to feel more at ease with sharing my writing. I have been working on this for more than a year now, and it has not been a smooth ride. I am making some impressive progress, and I feel that I am learning about the nature of change in the process. In the beginning, I took tiny steps – I started with just writing one sentence a day. Remember that each incremental change has to be ridiculously easy. My challenge currently is to simply to show up daily and write or rewrite a paragraph or two for about twenty-five minutes and to stop before there is a hint of effort. Compared to how it used to be, it has become ridiculously effortless!

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This blog is part of a renewed 42-day writing challenge inspired by Leo Babauta’s  Zen Habits Book.