Brief Update

Over the last few years, I have chosen to reduce my time in front of screens and have almost turned my back on social media and my online presence.

After spending almost two years designing a tiny house on wheels, Mary-Ann and I have decided to put on hold the construction process, and instead convert a panel van into a travelling shelter.

Our deepest wish is to inspire and embody the change we want to see in the world. More specifically we are searching for existing communities or projects we want to learn from and document our observations.

Ultimately we would like to co-create a land-based, vibrant, multi-cultural, and cross-generational learning community that:

> Facilitates life-long learning through self-knowledge, cooperative endeavours and connection with nature
> Cultivates health, well-being, and an openness to the immeasurable
> Promotes resilience and harmonious human systems and regenerates ecological diversity

Meanwhile, we are taking the time to make ends meet, smell the roses and listen to the nightingales…