Simplify Wisely


Life, at the moment, is telling me to simplify. All throughout my early life I believed that the more experiences I had the better. I am starting to understand that it is not always the case and that simplicity creates space, invites order, and generally brings peace of mind. In a world that is becoming more and more complex, LESS is often a gift.

This is also the case in photography. Cutting out the visual noise, getting closer to the subject matter and, composing with fewer elements enables us to appreciate what is less tangible – like the quality of light or little details that normally get lost in the background.

Simplifying is not always easy as it goes against our tendencies to accumulate, to have more and to get lost in a multitude of activities and distractions. I have only recently learned that it is vital to learn to say no and to let go of the clutter.

It is fine to simplify, but is there a danger to get rid of the richness found in the whole? With the aim to do less, could we close the door to opportunities?

The challenge, I guess, is to simplify without loosing the depth; to find the right balance, to reduce activities that eat up our time and drain our energy and to introduce and keep what matters most and what makes us grow. I believe that we all have access to wisdom and that if we attuned our awareness and were less caught in constant busyness, we would be able to flow effortlessly through life’s challenges and opportunities without needing more.