Solstice greetings


Two years ago on this date, my son Yoel and I were leaving on our unconventional journey overland to Green School in Bali: the world expanded for us on that day. We received support and encouragement from many and met more people during our fourteen-month adventure. Add to this, thirty-three years of being associated with Brockwood, Bennington, Inwoods and CAT – experimenting different walks of lives, my heart is full to the brim – not always knowing how to express my gratitude and joy. Life is precious, and there never seems to be enough time for relationships; staying in touch with friends, indeed, is not easy. We currently have a friend visiting us from New Zealand that we had not seen for twenty-eight years. Judging by our delight with being with each other, time does not seem to tarnish the affection of friendship.

Wherever we are on this globe, the solstices are two particular days in the year that we all share. Here in the northern hemisphere, we have reached the zenith of daylight, and the vegetation is so lush that it makes one want to be bathing in it all. I would like to take this occasion to wish you an excellent planetary new year and hope that our paths will cross. If you happen to travel in England, you are more than welcome to visit us.

Apparently today is World Giraffe Day and International Yoga Day. Being more closely related to Hobbits than to our long-neck distant mammalian relatives, I will pass on the former, but will celebrate the latter with an Ashtanga flow, honouring an art form that I have recently been smitten with and that I would recommend to anyone wishing to have more vitality and flexibility.

Let us all breathe the change we want to see in the world,



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