Making ‘Being’ a Priority

Wanting to do it all – is magical thinking. If one has a tendency to not only being greedy with experiencing life (and all it has to offer) but also valuing doing things for others and for oneself, it is quite clear that there are not enough hours in a day to do everything one would want to do.
We have heard it: we need to prioritize.
But prioritizing is so hard when one is up to one’s neck with projects, commitments and an overflowing To Do list – not to mention all the tempting distractions of the digital age.
Choosing to do less may well be the only way out.
One approach of thinking about managing our time is to liking it to tidying a room. The more stuff we have the harder it is to keep on top of it. So the first step is to reduce clutter quite radically. The second is to find a place for the things we really want to keep and to keep them in their place. Thirdly, we need the discipline to stop acquiring more stuff – and when we do adopt new items – we need to get rid of old ones. Lastly, and quite importantly, we need to have empty space to move around (and simply breathe).
Put simply: less stuff creates more space.
and ‘doing less’ allows for ‘being more’
Is it time we made ‘being’ a priority?

This series of posts are part of Incrementally – a 366 day writing challenge.

Photo by Damir Bosnjak 

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A Fresh Day

Morning reflection straight out of bed:
Freedom is to meet the day afresh, to be in touch with what is in front of us without the weight of the past. To not have any habits of thought. 
It seems impossible does it not? 
We may have tried many times and failed. 
Can we remain open and listen to the space between two thoughts? Is there a way to approach this freedom without effort, yet with clarity? To breathe the present moment as if it was the first time we encountered ‘‘being’ – that precious state we call consciousness. Can we let go of the autopilot default and tune in to an alertness that is both innocent and intelligent at the same time?
(4 mins)

This series of short posts are part of Incrementally – a 366 day writing challenge.

Photo by Grzegorz Mleczek 

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