Un-Dividing Compassion

Does self-compassion reinforce the self – I wonder? Surely, true compassion goes beyond the self and the “not-self”, between this thing I call ‘I’ and the world. 
Yet there seems to be a value in bringing harmony between the observer – the voice in the head, the body, the heart, and the sensory whole. These inner divisions that we seem to create bring tension, friction and ignite the critical self. These divisions are the source of the restlessness to become – to always want to be someone else, to be somewhere else. 
So self-compassion could be an exercise where we cease to divide and we come to accept what is without any desire to change it. In the same way one meditates and watches thoughts without giving them any fuel nor wishing them to go away. The approach today is to be in touch with heart. With every inhales love flows in and with every exhales love dissolves the division of the inner and the outer.
(5 mins)

This series of short posts are part of Incrementally – a 366 day writing challenge.

Photo by Steve Leisher