Write Now

write now

This is an invitation to get to know yourself better through the act of writing. Go on take a pen or get typing and start recording your thinking. Nothing is right or wrong,  just write: now.

You may not be ready to share your writing with others. You may also decide to rewrite stuff you previously wrote. There is often something revealing about it all. The page becomes a mirror.

It is interesting to note though that there is a different quality of thinking that comes when one writes for others. Suddenly there is a greater commitment, a stronger feeling that what we are doing may have a greater purpose.

This is what I am trying to do – here on this blog.

Breangelo is a combination of my interest in self-knowledge, attention, and intentional living. I believe that the most precious thing we can give to anyone or anything is attention. We have a responsibility to others and ourselves to be present to the moment and to learn to focus on what is most important. Of course, it is also valuable to do nothing at times and to have periods when we empty ourselves, so we can move about freely and become available and open to inspiration and insights.

I am starting Breangelo after many years of wanting to write regularly and failing.  This blog’s only rule is to show up and write or rewrite everyday. Over time, it may develop into something else, but for now it is just about getting familiar with the process of putting words to page and the practice of communicating to a public – often unknown.

I have started with you and I will finish with you. Do take a tiny moment today and write a sentence, a paragraph, a whole page or a blog post – whatever feels right. Have fun with it and let it flow to start with. Then, you may decide to edit, to rewrite, to polish. But only spend a little time with it at a time and stop before it becomes an effort so you make it attractive to come back to it the next day. Here are four ground rules that I suggest you take:

  1. Write everyday for at least 28 days in a row and tell people that you are going to do this
  2. Start small, just few minutes to start with and very slowly build up as it gets more and more comfortable
  3. Pick a time and place that is anchored to an already existing habit and stick to it as much as possible; if you miss a day or two – just start again with a smile
  4. Enjoy the process and feel grateful for the lessons that comes out of the practice.

There has never been a better time than write now.


“I always worked until I had something done and I always stopped when I knew what was going to happen next. That way I could be sure of going on the next day.”
– Ernest Hemingway