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In 2017, as a writing challenge, I decided to come up with telegraphic ‘quote-like’ thoughts for the day. It started as a New Year’s resolution on Twitter but moved to Instagram in mid-April. Both the quotes and the images are originals and the ‘Thought For the Day’ had to be under 140 characters. They originally appeared on Instagram and Twitter but here is their permanent repository. Click the on the links below to access the different months:

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Day 1
Showing up every day with the intention to create meaning while reducing my word count is going to be my ‘Thought For the Day’  challenge.

Day 2
May more saplings reach their bountiful potential… for, most of us are saplings.

Day 3
Look after your being, not your self. 

Day 4
They may try to blow you around… not realising that you are a dandelion seed.

Day 5
What stops us most from learning? Fear of drowning or fear of boarding the boat.

Day 6
Why spend so much of our daily life in the verbal realm when the world is gloriously real.

Day 7
What is the purpose of education? Awakening Intelligence – with a capital i and without the “I”. 

Day 8
Convenient and seemingly indispensable, the ego is a time-consuming and polluting vehicle that destroys the world we live in. 

Day 9
Breaking habits: can artificial change invite authentic change?

Day 10
The music lies in the silence. 

Day 11
Is aloneness the price of freedom? 

Day 12
Our consumer mindset binds us to the fallacy that ‘more’ is a measure of progress. 

Day 13
When you need help, don’t be shy… but don’t be sly.

Day 14
Passion swings, compassion sways.

Day 15
Top thought: Stop thoughtS 

Day 16
Not now does not mean no – if you mean it.  

Day 17
Get drunk on water and awareness!  

Day 18
Hard work becomes effortless when the heart is in tune. 

Day 19
Tuning in and listening to our guts is a lost art. 

Day 20
Listless? Make and maintain your “Unzen” Master List, meditate and move mindfully.  

Day 21
When you make a mistake, don’t beat yourself up, go beyond… leaving the self behind. 

Day 22
Diversity is the antidote to dominance. 

Day 23
Lack of aloneness leads to loneliness  

Day 24
NOW is better than yes, NOT NOW is better than no. BE is better than may be. 

Day 25
Seeking to remain in our comfort zone ceases learning but we are often too busy seeking comfort to understand that.  

Day 26
If stress is the root cause of most dis-ease, the best remedy may be ease.   

Day 27
To make peace with time, one needs to learn to say no to our own ambition.  

Day 28
If thought is time-taxing, then meditation is tax-evasion.  

Day 29
Unhappiness paralyses, discontentment mobilises (the former fragments and the latter unites)  

Day 30
We want more, we need less. Needless to say, in such a state, we are neither satisfied nor wanted.  

Day 31
Happiness is being satisfied with what you have. Contentment is being satisfied with what you are.