The Joy of Getting up

early moring

In many respects, I have remained a child and often in the morning I innocently feel that anything is possible. I tend to get up early naturally, the light is usually special and the mind is calm. I day dream a little, stretch and get up with a smile – ready to play. Today, is my 17,052th birthday!

But, with this feeling of limitless potential, also comes the funnel of reality. The morning is not eternal, soon the pressures of getting ready in time, of honouring commitments and, of meeting deadlines colours the clean slate. To deal with this, I have tried many different morning routines. High on the list is exercise, meditation, morning journal, creative writing, going for a walk, showering, washing clothes by hand, planning the day and eating a healthy breakfast. 

There is also, the useful advice of focusing on the most important task, spending at least 25 minutes on of the task that would make the most difference. This however tends to involve the computer and I have noticed that as soon as the computer is on – a wave of distractions, temptations, time-wasters invade the morning joy… and then the day gets eaten up. When I chose to start the day well, the quality of attentiveness and wellbeing carries me through the roughness of life.

There is no secret though, to experience the joy of getting up, one needs to go to bed early and this, is an entire topic of its own.