Weaving The Green Dream

On June 21 2014, my son and I embarked on an overland trip from Britain to Green School in Bali and back, an adventure we called Weaving the Green Dream.

Following are some of the blog posts of our journey:

Across the Globe by Train

Solstice Departure

Cologne to Moscow

In and around Moscow

On the Trans-Smugglian

Modern Mongolia

Mad(e) in China

So Long Ha Long

Vietnam to Vientiane

Eat, Pay, Leave

KohSamui Stopover

Lion City

Boat to Jakarta

Racing to Bali, Slowly

On the Road Again


Jakarta à la Carte

Trans-Sumatran Trance

Mellow Melaka

A Pause in Penang

Lovable Laos

finally, a short video made by Yoel to encapsulate the essence of our journey: